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COMPANY PROFILE - Essential data

  • The total production capacity of Metecno amounts to over 21 million square metres per year
  • Its production lines are located in 30 different countries
  • Its panel supply totals over 200 million square metres
  • Installations have been performed in every part of the world in extremely different climactic conditions, such as Alaska, Arab Peninsula, Zaire, etc… and company assets are subject to annual audit by leading external auditing companies
  • Transparent accounting, solid and reliable financial position
  • In continual expansion in Italy and abroad
  • Numerous new takeovers and further investments in the sector over the last three-year period
  • Growing affirmation of Metecno sector leadership at worldwide level
  • Skilled managerial groups
  • Market leader in Europe, United States and South America
  • Leader in know-how and in exclusive state-of-the-art technologies patented by the company
  • Vast product range
  • Excellent products and services
  • Recognised trademarks
  • Ultra-modern in matters of environmental protection
  • High level productivity
  • Global level purchasing power
  • A history of successful takeovers

Metecno in the World
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