Public Works

Metecno is ready to participate in the construction of public construction works, considering perfectly feasible the achievement of important constructions through the use of the so-called "dry & light" technique; power stations, hangars, vast warehouses, terminals and Olympic villages are just some examples of the possible applications of sandwich panels.
Quality and fire prevention certification as required by law are at your complete disposal.


The project (category six) proposes the application of "dry & light" technology (prefabricated panels - sandwich panels) for the construction of all buildings. The advantages are as follows: reduced costs, rapid construction, reliability of the buildings, optional recycling of materials.

The expected architectural implementations are consistent with the urban plan and technological design with regard to both the Media Village - and all related mass communication means - and the Olympic Village. The wide variety of solutions, available through the joint experience of Design Studios participating in the public works contract - Dubosc & Landowski, Atelier 2, ABVS Progetti, Aprato e Buzio Associati, Promet Engineering of Metecno Group etc… - as key objectives have always adopted energy savings, appearance and constructional function. Choose "Metecno" for major constructions!

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