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SYSTEMS - "Turnkey" equipment supply

Project design:
After many years experience in the field at international level, Metecno can provide consultancy or prepare the installation plan for a new production system.

Metecno provides support to optimise production system organisation. This is the result of technological and handling applications of the material concerned, along with available company space. The decision to construct onsite, or to assign this task to Metecno, falls to the customer.

The production line will be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer and to the use of technologies best suited to the specific application.

A useful tip for the purchase of raw materials:
Metecno is an industry leader in the production of panels and is therefore able to offer suggestions relating to the purchase of raw materials to avoid nasty surprises at the time of installation and commencement of production.

Staff training:
On request from the customer, the Metecno team with its pool of specialist technicians can provide any form of staff training so that they may then perform the various functions implicit to start-up of the new production unit.

Examples of new production line installation are:

A - Foundations
Starting from the foundations.

B - Beginning from the steelwork
Starting from the steel framework.

C - Construction and cladding
After construction of the steel framework, we proceed to cladding.

D - Empty building prior to delivery of the production line
The building and flooring are made ready for installation of the production line.

E - Installation of the coiling section
The first section of the production line is installed.

F - Installation of the double conveyor belt
The double conveyor belt is installed

G - Installation of the handling section
The materials handling section is installed

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