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The Most Accepted & Specified Doors For Controlled Environments

Metecno-Aluma Shield has continuously produced one of the best cold storage doors in the world for over 45 years. Our engineering staff has the capability to design doors to meet the specific design criteria of your projects.

The proven performance and customer satisfaction of the Hercules« product line is worldwide. We have provided doors to projects from South America to North America, from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the ice caps of the South Pole in Antarctica, from Europe to Guam, and beyond.

Hercules« specializes in custom designed door products for the cold storage, controlled environment, food and beverage processing/distribution, and pharmaceutical industries. Applications include Blast Freezer, Freezer, Cooler, Docks, Processing, Ripening Rooms, Automotive Test Cells, Research Facilities, and Distribution Facilities to name a few.

Hinge, horizontal slide, vertical lift, overhead, bi-part, and bi-fold are door types offered for the retail cold storage market such as walk-in freezers and coolers.

The Hercules« Door offers a complete line of specialty doors for your SPECIFIC applications.


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