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Metal sandwich panel with insulation layer in PUR or PUR and rockwool, curved lengthwise (bent radius between 3500 mm and 20000 mm) for roofing of industrial and residential buildings. The OYSTER® panel is optimal for industrial buildings with traditional asbestos cement roofing (variable length between 1.22 and 2.44 m and bent radius between 12 and 20 m). The new panel is a thermally insulated solution to replace such sheets.
It is also fit for industrial buildings with shingle roofing and pre-assembled reinforced concrete or pre-stressed concrete rafters with an usual center distance between them of 4-6 m and linked together by curved elements.
Panels should be mounted with a clear span of approximately 2÷3 m. Ends of panels should be fastened to the support structure using adequate steel clamps. Usually, such curved elements are made of corrugated metal or asbestos cement sheets. The Oyster panel is an alternative single solution with high mechanical performances and insulating power, and it's product in three version: OYSTER® - OYSTER® FIRE - OYSTER® FIRE SOUND.
For additional technical information, refer to the OYSTER® technical manual.

Techical characteristics
  • Max outside sheet lenght: 6 m
  • Variable bent radius: 3.5 to 20 m
  • Useful pitch: 1000 mm.
Metal cover

  • Prepainted galvanised steel 6/10 mm.
  • Prepainted galvanised steel 4/10 mm.
Maximum load
The tables give the max. permissible overloads in N/m2 corresponding to the clear spans between the supports and the radii of curvature calculated on the basis of experimental data, in order to ensure simultaneously a camber smaller than or equal to a two hundredth of the span and a safety factor equal to or greater than three with respect to breakage. The overloads given concern the panel with both steel claddings (ext. 0.6 mm - int. 0.4 mm).
The values regarding the single span assume the existence of constraints at the two ends, such as to configure the static situation of the arc with thrust eliminated (hinges). The values concerning the multiple span assume the existence of hinges at the external supports and single supports to the internal ones.



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