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In recent years, along with the constant growth of mobile communication business, the construction of mobile communication base stations has been increasingly promoted in quantity.

Thus, the site selection of base station housing and the assurance of the operation environment of base station facilities have been also placed in highlight. As the infrastructure of mobile communication, base stations directly ensure the network coverage and call quality.

There has been an increasingly urgent demand for mibile operations to quickly establish base stations, rapidly conduct networking and reduce the cost of the integration, operation and maintenance of base stations. Site selection usually presents the largest problem to the quick buildings of base stations.

Regarding the machinery room holding the facilities of base station, the construction standards have been unspecified yet in the national communication industry.

The construction is mainly conducted in accordance with the traditional construction standards of ordinary machinery rooms.
It’s hard to ensure the operation environment of base station facilities in the practical operation. As a result, there is a recuring case that the machinery room itself expels the facilities of base station out of operation. Based on a large quantity of market surveyes and investigation, this housing item of base station is a newly launched product, using for reference the standards of and the experience in the construction of base station housing in foreign countries and fully considering the exact conditions of use in our country.
The product employs the world-famous polyurethane composite insulated panels, which are specially used for METECNO as the materials for the principal part of housing.
Also, the professional manufacturing techniques of insulated door are employed, so are the industrial design and the techniques of the flow-line production and processing.

Thereby, a complete solution is available to the communication operators for the construction of base station housing, with full considerations granted for a wide range from the design/manufacture, installation and conveyance of base station housing to the site selection, as well as the mounting and securing of the base station facilities and the operation and maintenance thereafter. Such a solution shall well handle the problems plaguing the operators in the site selection, thus greatly enhancing the construction efficiency, saving the integrated cost and effectively assuring the construction quality.

A steady operation environment is hereby regularly provided for the base station facilities.


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