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The FIREMET® ROOF panel is a self-supporting metal panel manufactured using a patented production system Metecno and designed for fire graded ROOFS of industrial and commercial buildings.
It is made of a corrugated outside sheet and an inside micro ribbed sheet, insulated with foamed PUR and with a layer of rockwool with oriented fibers on the inside facing of the panel.
The FIREMET® ROOF panel contains heat and fumes in case of fire within the building, thanks to a 20 mm-thick rockwool layer.
The FIREMET® ROOF is rated B S1 DO according to the new European regulation where class S indicates fumes containment.
FIREMET® ROOF panels, tested at the Instituto ZAG according to the EN 1365-2, and obtained the following results:
  • FIREMET® ROOF 50 mm: REI 15 - RE 120
  • FIREMET® ROOF 80 mm: REI 30 - RE 120
and at the LAPI workshop, in compliance with Circular n° 81 dated 14/09/1961 obtaining the following results:
  • FIREMET ROOF 80 mm: REI 30 (roof)
  • FIREMET® ROOF 80 mm: REI 30 - RE 60 (wall)
Standard size
The standard width of the panels is 1000 mm but they can be custom-made upon request up to a maximum width of 15,500 mm.

Composed of:

Inside facing:
Steel sheet according to UNI-EN 10326 standard
Thickness: 0.4 mm
Surface: microribbed, pre-painted standard MT133 METCOLOR® System

Thermal insulation:
Class 2 foamed PUR pursuant to Ministerial Decree of 26/06/1984
Class 0 rockwool pursuant to Ministerial Decree of 26/06/1984
PUR thickness: 30 / 40 / 60 / 80 mm
Layer thickness: 20 mm
Nominal thickness: 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 mm

Outside facing:
Steel sheet according to UNI-EN 10326 standard
Thickness: 0.5 mm
Surface: corrugated pre-painted standard METCOLOR® System.

Values guaranteed with external face in steel, 0.5 mm thick, and internal face in steel, 0.4 mm thick.
The spans l (m) as a function of a uniformly distributed overload p (daN/m2), have been obtained from load tests carried out in Metecno laboratories, and provide a deflection f <=l/200 with a safety coefficient that complies with the UEAtc standards for insulated panels, which have been established and are implemented by primary European Certifying Organizations.


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