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Metcoppo is a composite panel, comprising two metal plate coverings connected by a layer of polyurethane insulating material.
It self-supporting, monolithic, insulating, resistant and light.
Metcoppo panels are used as roofing elements with slopes > 15% in the civil building sector and can be installed on any type of roof structure (wood and/or metal).
The geometric configuration of the other plate follows the shape of a classic foor tile, giving the panel a pleasant, elegant appearance.

Panel fixing is of the "visible" type.
The other side of the panel made of tile shaped plate can be of pre-painted zincked steel, pre-painted aluminium or copper natural.
The steel and aluminium may be pre-painted a brick red colour to look like classic roof tiles.
The inner side of the panel is pre-painted zincked steel.
The continuous thickness of the polyurethane insulating material makes an excellent barrier against the dispersion of heat in winter and the entry of the sun's rays in summer.


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