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Self-supporting metal panel, insulated with polyurethane for gabled roofs with a minimum 3% slope without ridge and 6% slope with ridge.
Our expertise in panel development and manufacture has led to the production of METCOVER HF G3: panel with three corrugated sections and hidden double hinging, resulting in a panel highly resistant to wear and tear and offering a full watertight guarantee for any load-bearing structure whether in wood, steel or cement.

The spans l (m) as a function of a uniformly distributed overload p (daN/m2), have been obtained from load tests carried out in Metecno laboratories, and provide a deflection f <= l/200 with a safety coefficient that complies with the UEAtc standards for insulated panels, which have been established and are implemented by primary European Certifying Organizations.
With external and/or internal steel thicknesses inferior to the above mentioned ones, the guarantee on the admissible loads for the spans indicated in the table is maintained, while it is not maintained on the deflection limit and the safety coefficient.


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