Insulated Roof Systems

The use of sandwich panels in modern constructions is widespread, and the reasons are simple:
  • Lightweight (if we compare a building in reinforced concrete with the same load-bearing capacity, the overall weight of a construction in our sandwich panels is well below that of just the steel included in the reinforced concrete!)
  • Rapid and easy to install (around 1000 sq.m. of roofing can be installed in just 5 working hours by an expert team)
  • Heat insulation (sandwich panels have high-level heat insulation properties: ask our technicians what are the real energy savings possible from our constructions!)
  • Soundproof (our Hipertec soundproofing panels are particularly suited for installation in very noisy environments)
  • Elegant and economical (constructions in sandwich panels have a considerably reduced cost, a pleasing appearance and above all are supplied complete with guarantee)
The Metecno proposal - with regard to roofing applications - involves "modern-style" and "traditional" panels;

the modern panels are the latest idea in terms of architectural attractiveness and technical know-how;

the success of traditional panels, on the other hand, is demonstrated by the millions of square metres installed over the last 40 years.


Modern panels represent the latest idea in terms of architectural attractiveness and technical know-how. All "modern" panels came into production after 2000 and have met with an enthusiastic success from hundreds of customers throughout the world.
The state-of-the-art technologies developed by Metecno, with the support of a number of renowned architects, have significantly contributed to different product developments.
For Metecno, innovation is an inseparable must; only through technological innovation can we constantly confirm our worldwide leadership.

The success of traditional panels is demonstrated by the millions of square metres of roofing installed over the last 40 years.
Metecno was the first company in the world to develop this product category, also thanks to our continuous production line.
The satisfaction of customers involved in an endless assortment of building sectors - and with dozens and dozens of different applications - is without doubt our best guarantee.
In addition, our traditional products - other than installation by specialist teams using the most modern techniques - normally have a price that has no fear whatsoever of competition.

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