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The GRANITSTONE« sandwich panel is a single-piece product that can be used as siding for various types of buildings. It is made of an inside micro ribbed sheet, an outside flat surface sheet with "stone coating" and an insulating layer in polyurethane. "Stone coating" is a particular surface-finishing technique where an acrylic-based mixture with granite chips (or like material) is sprayed on the outside sheet surface. In order to guarantee the correct coupling of panels, joints are treated with the same mixture but without the stone component.
The insulating layer is made of rigid foamed polyurethane.
Solidity is guaranteed by the inherent adhesive characteristics of polyurethane to steel sheets. Because of the particular shape of the joint, blind fastenings are applied to the V-cut on the male edge of the outside sheet. Two screws with center distance of 30 mm should be used for each panel and each stud.
Outside walls are made mounting such panels one next to the other. Panels can only be mounted vertically. For additional technical information refer to the GRANITSTONE« technical manual.
Standard lenght of panels: up to 6,000 mm. For the production of panels with a greater lenght, see METECNO for a special order.

Outside sheet
Galvanised steel pre-painted according to UNI-EN 10326 rule
  • Steel thickness: 0.6 mm
Outside sheet finishing (Granitstone«):
  1. Material specifications:
    • Stone material: granite chips or like
    • Binding agent: water-based acrylic
    • Totally covered with the exception of joints
    • Indicative color: similar RAL 1015 (white ivory)
    • Surface mass: 1.60 kg/m2 (moist)
  2. Warranty:
    The product is guaranteed for ten (10) years.
    Please contat METECNO for details on warranty conditions.
  3. Maintenance:
    Regular cleaning and maintenance are highly recommended in order to avoid salt sediments near marine environments or accumulation of air pollutants and molds.
Inside sheet
  • Galvanised steel, pre-painted according to UNI-EN 10326 rule
  • Steel thickness: 0.6 mm
  • Pre-painting: coil coating cycle (as Metcolor catalogue)
Values guaranteed with external face in steel, 0.6 mm thick, and internal face in steel, 0.6 mm thick.
The spans l (m) as a function of a uniformly distributed overload p (daN/m2), have been obtained from load tests carried out in Metecno laboratories, and provide a deflection f <=l/200 with a safety coefficient that complies with the UEAtc standards for insulated panels, which have been established and are implemented by primary European Certifying Organizations.
For safe spans relevant to negative loads, please contact METECNO.



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