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Self supporting metal panel, insulated with rockwool, with concealed fastenings, designed for horizontal wall panelling in industrial and commercial buildings. The panel density and, in particular, the deep waved profile, of the external metal sheet give the wall good strength, while spanning from column to column.

Hence the horizontally installed panel allows saving in the secondary structures. Hence it imparts an especially innovative appearance with softer shading to the building.

As there are no secondary purlins inside the buildings, the interior walls are particularly stylish and functional. Because of the particular shape of the joint, hidden fastening are applied to the V-cut on the male edge of the outside sheet. Two screws with center distance of 30 mm should be used for each panel and each stud. Outside walls are made mounting such panels one next to the other. A sound version with a perforated internal metal sheet is also available. For additional technical information, refer to the H-WALL« 8M technical manual.

Reaction to fire is the degree in which a material resists combustion. With regard to this, materials are assigned a class (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5): the higher the class, the higher the degree of combustion.
H-WALL« 8M 100 mm. tested at the Istituto Giordano S.p.A., pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of 26/6/84, were classified 0/0 for reaction to fire in the wall position. Since the panel consists of two steel sheets with a layer of rockwool inbetween, the class 0 refers to the external parameter and the class 0 to the insulation.
Tests have been also made at foreign Institutes with the following results: Italia D.M. 26/06/84 Class 0-0 - France Class 0.

Sound insulation
The sound insulation of a material (for example, a panel) is given by the ability to reduce the passage of sound energy between two places.
The H-WALL« 8M 100 mm. panel has been tested to UNI 140/3/78 and ISO 717/82 standards and, for the thicknesses 100 mm, obtained valuation indices of Rw = 30 dB.

Values guaranteed with 0.6 (external) + 0.5 (internal) mm thick steel sheets. l spans (in meters) relevant to a uniformly distributed overload p (daN/m2) were determined, based on experimental data, in such a way as to simultaneously guarantee and comply with the three conditions listed here below:
  1. safety coefficient that complies with the UEAtc standards for insulated panels, which have been established and are implemented by primary European Certifying Organizations
  2. deflection in span f <= l/200 caused by uniformly distributed loads
  3. deflection in span f <= 20 mm caused by thermal summer and winter effects Values in red do not comply with condition no. 3 concerning the maximum deflection caused by thermal effects.
For safe spans relevant to negative loads, please contact us.




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