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Self-supporting panel system, insulated with rockwool for wall and partition applications, requiring a high degree of resistance to fire, with sound absorption and sound insulation.
The HIPERTEC« WALL SOUND panel, is manufactured in accordance with a system patented by Metecno, and consists of a micro-ribbed external steel facing, an internal flat, but perforated liner, with an insulation core of high density orientated rockwool, arranged perpendicular to the plane of the panel and positioned in strips, laid longitudinally with off-set joints and transversally compacted, in such a way as to completely fill the void between the two metal facings.
Maximum panel lenght: 15,500 mm.
N.B.: do NOT use this panel for climatised buildings.

The spans l in metres, as a function of a uniformly distributed overload p (daN/m2), have been calculated to provide a deflection f <=l/200 considering only the sheet as the resisting cross-section (the contribution of the polyurethane has not been taken into account) in accordance with standard UNI CNR - 10022/84 and the AIPPEG design guidelines. Data for the 0.5 mm thickness sheet has been obtained from laboratory tests.




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